Speaking of Emoji, I just completed Unicode 8 for Smol Emoji. 20 new glyphs added.


If you have missing glyphs (Emoji in particular) in , this may help: git.skyjake.fi/gemini/font-lib

It's a shell/Python script that downloads Symbola from UFAS and converts it to TrueType (using "fonttools"). You can then drag-and-drop the .ttf on the Lagrange window to install it.

(Requires python3 and pip3.)

Symbola is quite a nice Unicode 13 compatible font, but available only for personal use so I can't put it in the Font Library.

There's been a few tweaks to Cosmos during its first week.

This morning I added further checks to handle entries with invalid future dates, and fixed a few thread presentation problems (sorting and duplicate URLs). The latest entry in a thread should always be on top.

For example, the Commodore 64 thread by minch (on 2022-01-16) now displays correctly, despite all the posts being interlinked.


Released a patch for v1.10:


This fixes the disappearing Feeds tab actions and a potential crash when downloading large files.

A known issue in v1.10.0: the controls at the bottom of the Feeds sidebar disappear in Unread mode if everything read.

The controls reappear if there are unread items, or if you reset app state by deleting the "state.lgr" file while the app is not running.

Another workaround is to check if the second sidebar's Feeds tab has a different mode and just use that. 馃檪

Will fix for v1.10.1...

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v1.10 arrives on the desktop with a slew of bug fixes and improvements:


Most notably: customizable toolbar buttons, switching between alternative identities, better image inlining, improved link hover info, page caching and context menu fixes, opening files in another app, "Show in File Manager", and trackpad swipe navigation on macOS.

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Cosmos: Threaded view of Geminispace


Here's my attempt to show discussion threads across Geminispace.

I managed to remove one of the mirrors, but this looks like a known issue: gitlab.com/fdroid/repomaker/-/

C'est la vie...

I could attempt to later recreate the repo on GitLab and perhaps that'll turn out better.

@FiXato @raixe @f

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This seems to help:

Go to F-Droid Settings > Repositories and tap to edit 鈥淟agrange Pre-Release鈥. Then disable all of the 鈥渙fficial mirrors鈥 except for the first one.

No idea why the Repomaker tool decided to include those mirrors there, they don鈥檛 exist. I鈥檒l try to get rid of them.

@FiXato @raixe @f

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Hang on folks鈥 There seems to be some technical difficulties downloading the APK. I just tried reinstalling on my phone (uninstalling deletes bookmarks and client certs, btw!) and it says the requested file can鈥檛 be found.

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I set up an F-Droid repository for the alpha/beta testing:


Configuring this was a bit of an adventure, but it seems to work now?

Currently it has the latest build (1.10a3) that you may already have installed. Let's see how well this works once I post a new build at some point.

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My son and I have been experimenting with #gopher and #gemini

As a browser, we are most often using #lagrange by @jk

Lagrange is a perfect example of software that matches the #RetroEdgeTechStack ideals. It is a blend of the retro past with current tech possibilities.

Also, written in C and using SDL2 for the graphical interfaces and gpu acceleration. SDL2 allows for slick animations and scrolling without bloated web tech.

There's an #AppImage for Lagrange and it package for #voidlinux

Two patches for the price of one!


v1.9.4 and v1.9.5:
- crash when page has an URL-less link line
- home row navigation vs. bindings and macOS menus
- built with SDL 2.0.18
- reverted a line drawing workaround meant for SDL 2.0.16
- updated UI translations

Android Alpha 3


This should fix the vertical offset problem and other screen orientation related issues. There's also a useful new feature: the leftmost two toolbar buttons can be configured in Settings > UI.

Had to install the Snap version of Android Studio to get a fully functional IDE in Ubuntu 21.10. I guess the version from Google isn鈥檛 updated for the latest distro?

Works great now, though. Even the emulator has nice perf. Would鈥檝e been nice to go this route from the start, though鈥

Updated Android alpha build:


This one is based on the latest SDL and seems a lot more reliable. Landscape orientation is enabled, and so is bidi text and native binaries for all CPU archs.

Let me know if you had vertical touch/toolbar offset issues and those still continue.

Another little detail that I forgot to mention: this has been built with min API level 19, so Android 4.4 or later is the requirement.

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I should also mention that HarfBuzz is disabled in this build, so there is no RTL support.

The Back button works for me sometimes as expected, but not always.

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