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👋 I'm a Finnish dude born in 1980s who enjoys , tech, and games. I work at on research ().

My main hobby project is the Doomsday Engine: a portable, enhanced port of the original Doom/Heretic/Hexen.

I tend to prefer gadgets for my personal computing (fanboy since the iPod/2004).

I also play the piano and have dabbled in creating some electronic music using Logic Pro.

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The new feeds functionality in @jk 's #lagrange is fantastic. What a friendly, convenient, and attractive way to browse the #gemini space.

v0.11 is a hefty update.

What's new?
- Subscribe to Gemini feeds!
- "about:feeds" shows a CAPCOM-like feed entry list.
- Scrolling preformatted blocks if too wide.
- Many UI refinements.
- Fixed downloading of large files.
- Improved stability.

ThreadSanitizer to the rescue. The download bug is now fixed in the dev branch.

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In the grand tradition of breaking stuff with bug fixes, v0.7.2 appears to have broken downloading of large files (multiple megabytes). Looking into it...

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v0.10 is out with many small improvements.

What's new?
- Inline image option: Space/↓ loads next image instead of scrolling, if an image link is visible.
- New link navigation mode for the home row keys.
- Erase/reset keybindings.
- Added Gemini proxy setting.
- Font update.
- Fixes for URI parsing.
- Small UI enhancements.

Felt inspired to write something, so here's a post on how I ended up working on a client:

"An Origin Story"


Here is v0.9.

What's new?
- Option for monospace body text.
- Navigating to parent directory or site root.
- Gopher fixes: command line URLs, .desktop file.
- Various bug fixes.

My RasPi 400 mini-review: remarkable perf for $100 — X11 runs wo/hiccups — Power button! ❤️ — slippery feet — looks adorable — must improve my cable management

Although Lagrange is a browser, it seems appropriate to support as well.

I haven't used Gopher myself in years (decades?) but do have great nostalgia for it. It was a part of my first internet experiences back in the mid/late-90s.

Lagrange takes some liberties with applying a gemtext-like presentation for Gopher menus, and it mostly seems to work. There's a simple detector for ASCII art. My focus is very much on Gemini but some tweaks for Gopher could still be done, too.

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v0.8 has been released.

What's new?
- Support for Gopher.
- 8-bit ANSI foreground colors. (Previously only 16 colors.)
- More keybindings and an option to disable smooth scrolling.
- Bug fixes, and UI/HTTP improvements.

@epilys Finally merged your PR. I updated the Debian metadata and after adding a GPG signing key it seems to work. 👍 Haven't yet tested the built packages, though.

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🔥 hotfixes:

v0.7.2: Fixed truncated pages on some servers; handling closing of TLS/SSL connection.

v0.7.1: Compiling on OpenBSD; with LibreSSL; fixed a number of crashes.

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What is this Gemini thing anyway, and why am I excited about it?


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A spooky v0.7 has escaped from its crypt!

What's new?
- Keybindings in Preferences (for scrolling; more to come later).
- "New Identity" button in sidebar.
- Faster UI drawing.
- Various bug fixes, e.g., window redrawing, reporting TLS errors.

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The default theme is still Nunito + Colorful Dark, but my current favorite theme is:

- headings: Literata
- body text: Nunito
- dark UI with Gray theme

The gray text is easier on the eyes while headings and preformatted text pop with brighter colors. ✨

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I've released v0.6.

What's new?
- 7 color themes to choose from. You can go all black now, for example.
- Smoother scrolling with gentle, natural motion.
- Page load progress indicator.
- Icon/vertical line option for quotes.
- Bug fixes.

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