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If you'd like to help translate to new languages, please visit the recently opened Weblate site:

Contact me if you want to contribute translations. (By default, the site is suggest-only.)

Nice progress crossing off a bunch of known issues in Lagrange's iOS port: MP3/AAC support, playing audio in the background, scroll animation stuttering, scroll bounce at top/bottom, auto-reload, and added the Settings > About page.

There's still plenty of UI polishing to do, but the app is shaping up! New TestFlight build coming in a couple of days.

"gemini/lagrange" is the only public repo at the moment. The move is in anticipation of more public repositories to be added later.

(Currently have three private ones there, too.)

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I moved the Gemini repositories on to a "gemini" org. Lagrange is now at:

Released a small v1.3 patch yesterday:

- added UI languages (work in progress): French, German
- added environment variable LAGRANGE_OVERRIDE_DPI (see Help)
- back/forward buttons disabled when appropriate
- bug fixes: errors handling IPv6 addresses; crash during launch or when closing a tab

Rendering Text (gemlog post)

Taking a closer look at exactly how I render text in Lagrange, from TrueType files to view buffering.


The Lagrange beta on TestFlight has been updated to v1.4, with a couple of useful new features: pinch-to-zoom and text selection.

Using long press for selection means that the page context menu needed a new location. I鈥檝e moved it up into the URL bar, replacing the reload button.

A few more semi-urgent fixes for v1.3:

Bug fixes:
- crash after upgrading from v1.2
- pixel ratio and display DPI were being conflated
- sidebar width changes when switching displays
- using Tab in keybindings
- bookmarking feed entries
- UI string updates
- custom Emoji link label trimming
- max window size limited by first display (on Windows)

The Flathub build of Lagrange now additionally includes a version for 32-bit ARM, which means you can install it on Raspberry Pi running a 32-bit OS.

Runs great on my Raspberry Pi 400.

v1.3.1 is out with two new UI languages and some cleanup.

- Serbian and Interlingue as UI languages
- setting for bold links
- new version of the default Nunito font

Bug fixes:
- crash during word wrapping
- keybindings conflict with home row navigation
- broken kerning, various other artifacts in text rendering

Overview of v1.3 (gemlog post)

Version 1.3 has wide-ranging improvements that touch on all facets of the application. Now I regret calling v1.2 a "Big One" because this release eclipses it quite easily. 馃槃


This one will need some time for writing a proper gemlog post but in the meantime, please check out the in-app release notes for full details.

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The next release of arrives as March draws to a close:

There's lots to unpack here: UI localization, LibreTranslate integration, collapsing preformatted blocks, alt text, trust via CAs, theme adjustments, bold link appearance with custom icons, touch screen support, runtime UI rescaling, word/paragraph selection, unread feed entry counter, basic command line use, and several UI improvements.

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We've been super lazy with the last two weeks (was tired and too busy with everyday work).

This weekend I'll add a LOT of new capsules to the directory. It's super nice to see that the geminispace continues to grow!


I did most of the Finnish translation yesterday and I must say there is a strangely addictive nature to translating UI strings. 馃嚝馃嚠

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If you'd like to help translate to new languages, please visit the recently opened Weblate site:

Contact me if you want to contribute translations. (By default, the site is suggest-only.)

First ten days of TestFlight (gemlog post)

Development has been pretty active but I'm still undecided about the phone UI. Writing a universal app remains a challenge. This has been a nice way to test 1.3 features for the desktop, though.

Trying out LibreTranslate in . It鈥檚 still a bit hit-and-miss, and I鈥檓 not sure how well the self-hosted instance will hold up, but it does work. Coming up in v1.3!

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Tightening a few more screws. 馃敡馃悰

Bug fixes:
- XML parsing hangs
- visible Gemtext markup with Monospace Body
- bookmarking wrapped links
- non-advancing monospace glyphs
- CMake safeguards

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Gemini Accessibility:

Folks for ASCII Art Alt Text, ensure your description is on the opening "```" line.

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