Testing a light source with shadow maps.

So far surfaces only have a simple diffuse texture, but they all support PBR. It's very convenient to have a unified shading model for everything.

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Getting started with a complete replacement of Doomsday's renderer: camera positioning, dynamic plane movement, HDR bloom and tone mapping.

First ever screenshot of the new renderer running in . Nothing is quite right here yet...

There is still a long journey ahead. The new library has map geometry loaded, with some textures, and is drawing frames. However:

- coordinate system is messed up (map is tiny!)
- skybox uses a placeholder texture
- no entities in the map
- no light sources (needs entities)
- no dynamic updates of entity/plane positions
- some menu/HUD gfx still depend on old renderer

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Usually it's quite vexing when your graphics code produces nothing but a black screen, but not this time! I've successfully gutted so it can run without the old renderer, using nothing but the server's map data.

Doomsday 2.2.1 has been released.

Fixes: Missing Hexen player colors, package info on macOS, FluidSynth volume, custom profile settings, 3D weapon clipping.

Recent developments:

- Preparing the 2.2.1 patch release.

- Continuing render hack support for 2.3. It's pretty precarious; changing anything can break previously working hacks, but overall it's improving. The major categories are missing textures and self-referencing lines.

- Deep cleaning/refactoring for 3.0. The central map data structures have some awkward ifdefs, need to split clientside/visuals from the serverside code.

Doomsday 2.2 has been released. It is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux:

This marks another 20-year milestone. "Doomsday Engine" was first announced on December 18th, 1999.

2.2 RC3 is now available.

It has a few more bug fixes. Most notably, light decorations were not being rendered at all.

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Kicking off 2.3 work with better DOOM render hack support. The following in unstable build 3268:

- TNT map02/31: deep water
- TNT map02: masked openable window
- TNT map09: transparent openable window
- Icarus Alien Vanguard map01: force fields with masked texture

Some of these used to work before, but have been broken in recent versions.

Overall, it's pretty impressive what the DOOM software renderer can be twisted to do.

2.2 RC2 is now available.

New fixes in the game library, and music in Hexen and Plutonia 2.

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repository for unstable builds of the newly started version 2.3 is now on (see Other Builds).

The idea is to have this be updated by the Autobuilder for every unstable build, but initially I'll do it manually.

Stable builds are still heading to Flathub for distribution, once 2.2 is done.

2.2 RC1 is available.

New features include scripting and Heretic modding improvements, a fixed FOV for weapon models, and better support for John Romero's SIGIL.

Version 2.2 will be available as a on Linux. There is an initial test build available now:

Give it a try and let me know if there are any problems.

The plan is to publish the stable builds on

While writing the new Doomsday Script tutorial, I found and fixed a total of 10 bugs.

Time to put together a proper test suite, perhaps?

Doomsday Script documentation has been updated for the upcoming version 2.2.

Notable updates:
- New tutorial:
- Complete list of current uses of scripting in Doomsday

On this day, 20 years ago, JHexen 0.98.1 was released.

It added the "load" console command to load PWADs at runtime, and improved dynamic lights with source colors.

Work had not yet started on the Heretic and Doom ports.

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