Bug #2064

Updated by skyjake about 7 years ago

*This is parent issue for Hexen MP related bugs.*

I wasn't sure I should make separate issues for each of these and I debate that some of them might actually be caused by similar issues. Hence the simple subject title.

This is sort of a log of known issues in HeXen MP, as I know HeXen MP has deliberately been left untouched since the new MP code (i.e that Doom and Heretic have received all the focus so far).

Non-missile based mobj spawning is broken; there are lot's of examples of this one that include:
* Afrit's visually disappear when they spawn, leaving behind a solid un-interactive version of themselves where they spawned (appears to correct itself if one disconnects and re-connects). They only re-appear when they make an attack.
* Pot's spawn duplicates of themselves upon destruction that can be pushed around, but not re-destroyed (appears to correct itself if one disconnects and re-connects). Both the item potentially inside the pot and the pot fragments appears to spawn correctly though.

Flying bad guys (Afrits, Dark Bishops, Reivers) become visually stuck in their last attack sprite after making an attack, though they seem to behave as normal.

Console cheats aren't disabled; I used this to test the below.

* All timed artefacts run out in a few seconds
* Wings of Wrath run out after a few seconds
* Panic mode causes a client to seg fault
* Inventory always resets to first item after any inventory item is used
* Attempting to use a puzzle item in the wrong place leads to a used successfully sound effect and hud effect, though the item doesn't appear to be wrongly used
* Choas Device, Boots of speed and Bracers do nothing when used
* Dark Servant doesn't always disappear/appear correctly