Feature #1633

Updated by skyjake over 8 years ago

The interactive console is intended to be a nice and easy way to modify engine configuration and execute certain commands. Doomsday Script, on the hand, is not as well-suited for interactive use as it has a more complicated syntax.

Presently (1.12), the console subsystem goes all the way back to the start of the project, and is not a very clean implementation. It should be completely replaced with a translation layer that parses the console command syntax and maps it to equivant Doomsday Script.

In practice this means that all the console variables and commands need to be mapped into some location visible to Doomsday Script, e.g., @rend-model@ in libdoom → @Config.plugin.doom.rend.model@ @Config.plugin.doom.console.rend.model@ (dashes automatically converted to dots thanks to @PathTree@).