Bug #901

[Ultimate Doom] Missing HUD/GUI fonts & textures

Added by arclore about 12 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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- small menu text (subheadings under options, in-game pick-up notices, \"Go back to your boring programs\" etc.). Large menu text is unaffected.
- Skull menu icon
- drippy NIGHTMARE skill level text (can still be selected)
- In-game, the default HUD bar is missing. Minimal HUD works
- Noticeably worse frame rate
- Intermission background (HOM with the new drain effect)

Doom2, Plut, TNT, Heretic and Hexen are unaffected

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#5 Updated by danij about 12 years ago

All of the above appear to be working just fine for me in Windows7 and I presume on Mac OS also (as skyjake clearly beta tested prior to release and I'm quite sure he would have mentioned it).

This issue appears to be platform/system specific.

#6 Updated by arclore about 12 years ago

Do you have any ideas how I might troubleshoot this? I'm on XP.
One thing I tried was dropping a Con_Message into F_Open and then examining doomsday.out. At some point it starts spamming F_Open:

F_Open: C:\Games\deng-1.9.0-beta6.9\doomsday\mybuild\M_SKULL1.png as "rx".
F_Open: C:\Games\deng-1.9.0-beta6.9\doomsday\mybuild\M_SKULL1.tga as "rx".
F_Open: C:\Games\deng-1.9.0-beta6.9\doomsday\mybuild\M_SKULL1.pcx as "rx".
F_Open: C:\Games\deng-1.9.0-beta6.9\doomsday\mybuild\M_SKULL1-ck.png as "rx".
F_Open: C:\Games\deng-1.9.0-beta6.9\doomsday\mybuild\M_SKULL1-ck.tga as "rx".
F_Open: C:\Games\deng-1.9.0-beta6.9\doomsday\mybuild\M_SKULL1-ck.pcx as "rx".
F_Open: C:\Games\deng-1.9.0-beta6.9\doomsday\mybuild\M_SKULL1.png as "rx".

Presumably it can't find the textures or whatnot and keeps trying again and again to open them. I'll check to see if my wad has gotten corrupted or such.

#7 Updated by skyjake about 12 years ago

(originally posted by anonymous user)

Confirming on gentoo linux with 1.9.0-beta6.9.

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