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Odd map exit behaviour with switches

Added by roffalcopter almost 13 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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I've noticed this happened once with me on Doom, and now it just happened on Heretic too. Sometimes when you're near an exit switch it seems, you sometimes just need to get close to it and it'll end the level. When it happened on Doom, I ran towards it, was going to save in front of it and hit it, but as soon as I neared it, it finished the level.
On Heretic, E2M9 The Glacier I think, there was a wall that opened on the room before with some disciples/bishops/whatever they are called, and I was using the Phoenix Rod, as soon as I noticed it opened I went back to the entry to the chamber with the exit switch (didn't get out, tho), and shot on one of the bishops there, accidentally hitting one at point blank. I even got the red screen when you take a lot of damage (and in this case I would have died), but instead of dying it just ended the level and started the next one.

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#1 Updated by roffalcopter almost 13 years ago

Not really sure about this, as I was facing away from the switch and a little bit far away from it to have activated it, on the opposite side of the small room (but it was a little bit too far away). But that could explain the Doom incident, OR not, because I think the switch didn't get toggled like it usually does when you hit it, it was like if I had walked into those holes on the ground that you use to change levels on Doom II (if I'm not mistaken... been ages since I last played it).

#2 Updated by vermil over 12 years ago

Sounds like this:

In Dday 1.9 Beta6.6, this console command has been turned on by default even though it isn't original behaviour.

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