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Dragonskin Bracers don't work (possibly other armor too)

Added by roffalcopter almost 13 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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So I tried using a Dragonskin Bracers before that big fight with the Wendigos on the Seven Portals, however it didn't seem to have any effect. My armor number on the HUD was still showing 3 (which I guess is the default armor of the Fighter). Now it was dumb of me not to check it out before I got stuck on the Seven Portals, but I'm guessing the armor pieces aren't doing anything either, I kind of think I got an Amulet before but it didn't raise my armor by 1, and I think it was at 3 which is default (so I didn't have it before). I don't know how to check it out if it's just the HUD that's showing the wrong number and the armor actually did something, or if the armor's just buggy and doesn't work.

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#1 Updated by danij almost 13 years ago

There appears to be nothing wrong with HUD armor display nor the collection of armor items from the map (for example, as the fighter I was able to pick up the helmet on Winnowing Hall and the HUD armor display correctly showed a two point increment to my armor).

However you are correct that attempting to use the Bracers item from the inventory does not work (this is because A_BoostArmor is calling P_GiveArmor when it should be calling P_PlayerGiveArmorBonus).

#2 Updated by roffalcopter almost 13 years ago

You are right, I actually didn't see my armor go up with all the pieces I got on that battle on the secret level because I wasn't paying attention to it and I got severely mauled by the Brown Serpent Anti-Air Unit while trying to kill them all xP
It actually does work I did what you said and it does work. Thanks.

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