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Random Crashes with Ultimate Doom

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I have played many versions of jDoom, both with
Ultimate Doom and Doom 2.

However, since installing jDoom v1.7.10 I have suffered
random crashes with no apparent cause. Doomsday.out
provides nothing, and disabling sound or changing video
modes does not help. Doom 2 runs fine with 1.7.10 and
Ultimate Doom runs fine with all previous versions.

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#1 Updated by chrisdragon about 19 years ago

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I've had this happen with previous versions, but they rarely
occurred, usually out of the middle of fighting monsters or
loading a level

#2 Updated by skyjake about 19 years ago

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Quote Wrika:

System specifications :
- Windows 2000 service pack 3
- DirectX 9.0a
- Geforce4 Ti4200 128mb with Nvidia reference Drivers 44.03
- 512 mb ram
- P4 @1700 mhz
- Soundblaster 512 PCI running on full acceleration.

Ultimate Doom:
All the maps of the first episode are running well,but when
I arrive on E2M4 or E2M5 or E2M6 there are some points where
the game crash saying "Doomsday.exe has generated errors and
will be closed by Windows.You will need to restart the
program." Pressing "OK" the system runs well again and in
Doomsday.out (jdoom folder) there's nothing relevant.

I've tried to toggle Fmod and/or Eax : nothing.

#3 Updated by skyjake about 19 years ago

(originally posted by anonymous user)

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I have read the other thread about jDooM crashing when E2,
E3, or E4 are selected. My problem is that I can't even get E1
to load. DooM2 works fine, but I can't get KickStart to
recognize DooM as an IWAD. I have doom.wad as well as
doom.gwa in my Date\jDooM folder, but when I open KickStart
and go to the Games|Wads tab I don't see doom.wad. I see
doom2.wad, but not doom.wad.
I have read the documentation as well as the info on the web
site, but I can't find an answer.

I would appreciate any help.

#4 Updated by skyjake almost 19 years ago

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Likely fixed in 1.7.12?

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