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Bullets not visible in map cheat

Added by sonicdoommario almost 13 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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When you enable the map cheat to reveal all of the objects in Doom, you can also see where your bullets/shells/rockets/cells are fired.

In the 1.9.0 beta series, however, the bullets fired are not visible on the map when the cheat is on. Is this a bug or is this disabled because of the fact that the automap is overlayed right over the gameplay?

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#1 Updated by danij almost 13 years ago

Bullets are not currently visible in the automap because the render algorithm for which has been changed (not strictly speaking a bug).

Historically, all sector-linked mobjs would be drawn by simply traversing the sectors and drawing (near) all mobjs in each sector. The new algorithm makes use of the blockmap for world to screen-space clipping purposes which necessarily means that for mobjs to be drawn they must be block-linked (missile mobjs aren't).

Two solutions to this problem immediately spring to mind:

A) Revert to the original (inefficient) automap mobj drawing algorithm.
B) Revise the blockmap mobj linking so that ALL mobjs are linked to the blockmap and the Thing flag MF_NOBLOCKMAP is instead interpreted as a qualifier flag (meaning "cannot be collided with") that is checked during blockmap traversal (the qualifier flags provided as an argument or used in a game-defineable compare callback function).

Personally, I much prefer option B).

#2 Updated by danij almost 13 years ago

Fixed for 1.9.0-beta6.7

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