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0 tic state issues

Added by vermil over 11 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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If a mobj's melee attack states are all 0 tic's. Dday will get stuck in an infinite loop when the mobj attempts to enter those states.

1.8.6 will freeze, while Beta 6.1 will freeze for a few seconds and then shutdown with no error message.

Dday has no problems with a mobj's ranged attack states all being 0 tic's.

If you use the same 0 tic length states for both a monsters ranged and melee attacks, Dday will have no problem when it uses the states for a ranged attack, but it will get stuck in an infinite loop when it tries to use them in a melee attack.

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#1 Updated by danij over 11 years ago

Why are you setting the state tic duration to zero anyway?

#2 Updated by vermil over 11 years ago

I wanted an object to immediately remove itself once the player "touches" it and also call an infine def.

I had to attach the infine def to a mobj state because there is more than one of the mobj type on the map. Hence I couldn't use an xg def on the map with a mobj_gone requirement to call the infine.

I also use 0 tic states to call more than one mobj action at the same time as each state can only have one action attached.

#3 Updated by vermil almost 9 years ago

To come back to this. I believe the issue is related to the code for A_chase.

Put simply, if A_chase makes too many calls for an attack, ranged or melee, at the same time, dday get's stuck in an infinite loop.

Dday also appears unable to deal with 0 tic long death states with regards to item drops.

#4 Updated by danij almost 9 years ago

Zero length states are not supported, not in Doomsday or any source port of Doom to my knowledge.

Presumably what you want to happen when a state is defined as lasting for zero tics is that Doomsday will fast forward, executing all actions, script executions, etc... until a state with a non-zero tic is reached?

#5 Updated by danij almost 9 years ago

Vermil also says:
0 tic weapon states no longer function; in 1.8.6, 0 tic length weapon states functioned without any apparent issue (I used them in mods).

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