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MAP01 error with Doom2.wad 1.9

Added by xrdvx over 13 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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I updated my wad to the leasted version. After that, when i start a game from the begining, i get with video error, and cannot do nothing, actually, even the AUTO MAP doesn't work there.

Is not a big inssue, but it would be nice to be fixed.


#1 Updated by danij over 13 years ago

We'll need at least some info in order to resolve this. Which version of Doomsday are you using?

If you are trying to continue playing from a save game made before you upgraded doom2.wad, you will not be able to continue that game now that you've updated your doom2.wad file.

skyjake: This does actually bring up a point which we should consider when implementing the new save game system; we should implement a mechanism which prevents users from loading saved games if the map (or any other pertaining data) has changed since the save was made.

#2 Updated by xrdvx over 13 years ago

The Map error and you can see there the general error.


#3 Updated by xrdvx over 13 years ago

I'm using the 1.9.0 beta5 and not, I'm not trying to load a old game. I press new game (select) and the difficulty and I had that issue.
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#4 Updated by danij over 13 years ago

I see the problem. You will need to manually clear the map cache in your Doomsday runtime directory. In Doomsday 1.9.0-beta5 on a Windows OS this folder will be located here (by default):

C:\Program Files\Doomsday\Snowberry\runtime\

In that directory should be a sub directory called "mapcache", delete it and all of its contents and then start Doomsday.

This issue has since been resolved in Doomsday 1.9.0-beta6.

#5 Updated by xrdvx over 13 years ago


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