Bug #616

Map Cheat Resets from Map to Map

Added by sonicdoommario over 13 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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In the original Doom behavior, when using IDDT to reveal the entire map/objects, the map will remain entirely revealed as long as you don't exit Doom. However, when warping to another map, the full map resets, prompting to re-enter the code. The map should stay full warping from map to map.

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#1 Updated by sonicdoommario about 13 years ago

Hey, I was wondering, is this going to stay the way it is or will it change to copy Doom.exe behavior?

I also wanted to add that not only does the map reset when you warp to a level, but when you die and when you exit the level too.

#2 Updated by danij about 13 years ago

The problem with the original behavior is that it could be exploited in a client server, network play environment, i.e., cheating. Due to this I reworked how the automap information is stored so as to remove the exploit. In the process of locking it down for this configuration, the behavior in single player changed also.

The original behaviour will be returned as a special case for single player games.

#3 Updated by sonicdoommario about 13 years ago

Thanks for the info. And when you say special case, do you mean that as an option or just built into the engine?

#4 Updated by danij about 13 years ago

The original behavior is that which will be emulated by default in a single player configuration.

However, this will be fully configurable in 1.9.0-beta7 once the new game rules module is implemented (see here

#5 Updated by sonicdoommario about 13 years ago

So, is the single player only behavior going to appear in beta 6.4 or 6.5? Or will this all come together in beta 7? Thanks.

#6 Updated by danij about 12 years ago

Fixed for 1.9.0-Beta6.10

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