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Resolution always resets to 640x480

Added by mochtroid-x over 13 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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I normally play Doomsday in 2048x1536. When using recent SVN builds (current 6034) I have the default resolution set for 2048x1536, but the game always starts up in 640x480 and I have to change it in the control panel.

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#1 Updated by danij over 13 years ago

The main window is now created early due to the new graphical start up mode, however this happens well before the cfg file is parsed. Consequently, all the default values for the window dimensions, bbp, "windowed-ness", window centering, etc..., haven't yet been set.

#2 Updated by danij over 13 years ago

I'm thinking it would be desirable to read the cfg as early as possible (before the startup window is created) but I'm quite sure there is a number of issues preventing that currently.

However, the planned-for user profile stuff would cover this anyway. Postpone until beta7?

#3 Updated by vvv1 over 10 years ago

It's very old and annoying problem. And there is no updates from 2008.

#4 Updated by danij over 10 years ago

Are you aware that you can set the window dimensions from the command line?

For example:
-wh 2048 1536
-w 2048 -h 1536

#5 Updated by vvv1 over 10 years ago

Yes, of course. I do it every time (in sh script). But it will bu much better to set resolution from cfg file. I've read your old comment and understand, why it ignores saved resolution. What about start in 640x480 or even in 320x200 window and change resolution/set full screen mode just after reading cfg?

#6 Updated by skyjake over 10 years ago

Will be affected by the changes in the "qapp-based" branch: I'm planning to implement persistent window geometry.

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