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Light values sometimes don't render

Added by asmith1285 over 14 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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After setting default light values in the Control Panel of jDoom, the given light values will reset with each new level or like game interruptions (if a windows alt+tab command is done for example).

After the light values reset to factory default values, even though my set defaults are still selected in the control panel, one has to return to the control panel and adjust the light options once again to make them register.

Also, when starting a new game in jDoom when default light values are already selected, it is a 50/50 chance whether the game will allow light values to be modified at all. That is to say no amount of adjustment will change a thing.

All of this is with 32-bit Opengl color adjustments selected in the snowberry and jdoom options menus.

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#1 Updated by danij over 14 years ago

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I need more information please. Firstly, what OS and video card are you using? Are you running Doomsday in fullscreen or windowed mode? Which lighting settings are you referring to (list them)?

#2 Updated by asmith1285 over 14 years ago

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I'm using a full-screen 1024x768 screen resolution. The platform is windows XP and the graphics card is a Radeon X300. I'm referring to the first three video options withing the Doomsday control panel/video tab: gamma correction, display contrast, and display brightness.

You do bring up a good point, I went to go see a buddy who ran Doomsday on his PC and his video rendered with his preferred settings every time! I thought it was a program error but is must be a hardware incompatability issue.


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