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jDoom: Bullet puffs in face

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Sometimes while shooting up or down with mouselook,
bullet puffs end up in your face (player view) instead of
in the direction you are shooting in.

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#1 Updated by skyjake almost 19 years ago

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Happens without shooting up or down. I think it happens
when you're near a wall or a sector border.

#2 Updated by skyjake almost 19 years ago

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This might be related to the feature added in v1.7.8, which
allows lineattack weapons to hit floors and ceilings.

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Repost from Doomsday HQ forum:
Doom II - Level 20
Kickstart 2.09, Doomsday 1.7.9, jDoom 1.14.8

When I shoot the chaingun at a distant elevated window I get
a nasty muzzle flash like I was shooting point blank at a
wall. I tried changing resolution, disabling models,
particles and lighting, etc. to no avail. The shotguns also
seem to have the problem but it is most obvious with the

To reproduce:

1. Start up Doomsday with Doom II, ultra-violence,
mouse-look enabled. Warp to Level 20. You should be facing a
large door behind a Sergeant.

2. Go straight ahead and around the king/queen (Cyberdemon,
SM) and through the opposite door. On the map you are
heading towards the top. Past the vile and around the raised
circular walkway to the large transporter. Move to the left
side of it (left side according to the map).

3. Turn so that you are facing left. You should be facing a
tower out in the firey lake. The tower is the one with a
Vile and the BFG inside.

4. With the chaingun, aim at the tower and shoot while
adjusting vertical aim with the mouse. At some point,
usually when you are shooting through the window, you will
get a muzzle flash like it's hitting a wall point blank.

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Annoying, but hardly critical...

#5 Updated by skyjake over 18 years ago

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Fixed for 1.7.13. There were actually two bugs here:

1) LineAttack into a closed sector.
2) Backtracer was confused by long steps.

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