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JDoom moving sector issues

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Ultimate Doom:

The map E2M2 contains the following issues when played using Doomsday v1.9.0-beta5 -

1. The moving sector area -which makes up the three adjacent 'constantly rising and falling lift regions', containing the secret passage underneath only work intermittently (usually when out of visual range). Any attempt to interact with this area fails, as the 'rising and falling' parts stop moving. It is not possible to access the secret area without using the cheat code.

2. The crushing wall area - The walls do not travel high enough when rising upward, thus making it impossible to transverse this area without taking damage from the crushers. The monsters that inhabit this area are also unable to navigate the crushing walls, and are forced to a standstill.

I have not yet had a chance to test the other maps that contain crushing ceilings.

I am also experiencing frequent segmentation violations when playing the game, which causes JDoom to crash back to Windows XP desktop. These seem to be completely arbitary and can happen at any time. I am using an ATI Radeon Saphire graphics card, AMD Sempron processor, 1 gb of RAM and Soundblaster Audigy soundcard.

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((correction: the second paragraph should say 'crushing ceiling', NOT 'crushing wall'))

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Thank you for the bug report. However, this issue has already been submmited to our bug tracker and thus is a duplicate (don't forget to search before submmiting).

The issue you are reporting has already been fixed in svn for 1.9.0-beta6.

In addition, I would appreciate it if you did not assign work to either myself, or any member of the deng development team, of which you are not a member.

Closing as duplicate.

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