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Using diffrent weapon ammo bug

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Hello, I discovered a bug by developing a mod for Jdoom
In version 1.9.4 I had no problems by switching the exsisting ammo types between the weapons. But in 1.9.5 and I seem to notice a odd bug.

To underrstand easyer what the bug is, I quickly report what I did to creat the bug appearing:

in the values.ded file is settet what weapon uses what kind of ammo. For example the shotgun uses shell ammo type.

2 {
Type = "shell"; // shell ammo used
Per shot = "1";
Up = "SGUNUP";
Down = "SGUNDOWN";
Ready = "SGUN";
Atk = "SGUN1";
Flash = "SGUNFLASH1";

For my mod now I wanted the shotgun to use clip ammo (like pistol and chaingun use it). So I did edit in my costum vaules.ded the shotgun into follow:

2 {
Type = "clip"; // in 1.9.4 it used clip ammo now
Per shot = "1";
Up = "SGUNUP";
Down = "SGUNDOWN";
Ready = "SGUN";
Atk = "SGUN1";
Flash = "SGUNFLASH1";

I also did turn shell ammo to 0 / 0 (0 max ammo) because the shell ammo did nowhere appear in my mod, and there was also no weapon that was expected to use it, (Supershotgun was nowhere to pickup legaly, and on this way I could ensure that even with cheats you could not use this weapon)

When I ingame pickup now a shotgun, the weapon displays the clip ammo in the HUD, but as soon I try to fire the weapon, it switches back to the pistol. Like the shotgun wont have any ammo anymore, and need to be switched.

So kinda Doomsday refuses now to let the gun use the ammo I did set in the vaules.ded

To increase the weirdness a friend gave this a check and did follow:

Switch pistol to shotgun ammo.
Switch shotgun to pistol ammo.
Leave max ammo as it is in orginal.

When he shots now a pistol, Jdoom take 1 clip ammo and 1 shell ammo.
When he shots a shotgun, it takes also a clip ammo and a shell ammo.

What would mean that beside the weapon ammo I choose in the vaules.ded Doomsday / JDoom uses no matter what I setup a orginal ammo. Like the ammo usage is now hardcoded AND allowed to choose via the ded.

It would be now very nice if the next beta could fix this, so I can choose what ammo to use manual from the vaules.ded or costum vaules.ded

best regards

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bump - whats happening here ?

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I have been rewriting the player weapon management so that it can handle multiple ammo requirements (needed for Hexen). This is one of the remaining tasks and will be addressed before 1.9.0-beta6 is released.

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Fixed in svn for 1.9.0-beta6.2

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