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Single color transparancy background edges

Added by 3DMaster 11 months ago. Updated 10 months ago.

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As described here

whenever a sprite has a single color transparency background, the sprite gets an outline in doomsday of that color. And although there's a workaround by editing the sprite and turning the transparency background into something doomsday handles properly, it seems to me this a hell of a lot of work that shouldn't be necessary; not just with existing sprites/projects, but also any future releases. It would be nice if Doomsday properly deals with single color transparency, and not give the sprite an edge.

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Revision 11bdcc38 (diff)
Added by skyjake 10 months ago

Fixed|GL|Textures: Outline visible on external images

External images did not undergo bilinear filtering outline reduction. Now the RGB values of transparent pixels is set to the average of the surrounding non-transparent pixels.

IssueID #2364


#1 Updated by skyjake 11 months ago

Is there an upsampled image/sprite/texture I could use for testing?

#2 Updated by 3DMaster 10 months ago

Here's the Neural Upscale pack I use; it's the one you can download from doomworld but someone graciously modified it for Doomsday Engine, after which I removed the ones that I use other textures and/or models for that I like.

The shotgunner has the edge, the candle has the edge, the grating has the edge.

#3 Updated by skyjake 10 months ago

Thanks. Yeah I can see the outlines, will have to investigate exactly what is causing them.

#4 Updated by skyjake 10 months ago

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I noticed that the outlines disappear if you set "rend-tex-filter-sprite" to zero.

This means it's the alpha blending of the pixels just next to the opaque ones that is causing the issue. This is relatively straightforward to fix.

#5 Updated by skyjake 10 months ago

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