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Particle spawn rate affected by mobj visibility

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When mobj type generator is defined (ie instead of
assigning a generator to every state of a monster) all
the particles are "shared" between all mobj's of this type
on the level.

For instance when assigning a flame generator to eg the
Lost Soul the particles are shared between all Lost
Soul's on the map, even if they arn't visible.

This makes mobj type generators unuseable atm.

Unfortunetly this means using a copy generator for
every state of the model. The by product of this is
very "un-even" effects and doesn't look too good.

Perhaps a generator flag is needed to prevent "sharing"
or to limit the "sharing" to only visible mobj's.

Dani J

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#1 Updated by skyjake over 18 years ago

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This is not a bug. :-)

A mobj type generator is supposed to share the particles with all the
mobjs of the type. This is because with some mobj types the number of
mobjs changes dramatically during gameplay, and I don't want to keep
changing the particle allocation at runtime.

The workaround is naturally to set a large enough max particle count for
mobj type generators.

#2 Updated by danij over 18 years ago

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Ah ok :-)

Still it would be usefull to set a minimum particle count for in
cases where some wads use extreme numbers of the same
mobj type and the particle generators look silly only
generating 1 particle a second.

#3 Updated by skyjake over 18 years ago

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If one limits the "sharing" to only the visible mobjs, there is a problem:
when an object is moved suddenly into the view (e.g. when teleporting)
there will be a moment when the particle effect "resumes" normal
operation. The severity of this depends on the life time of the particles.

One possiblity would be to give more particles to objects nearby, and
less particles to faraway things. The only downside would be that the
spawn rate would become variable, which might make it more difficult
to tune the particle effect to one's liking. But OTOH, who cares what
the effect looks like from a great distance? :-)

#4 Updated by danij about 17 years ago

Converting to RFE (see previous comments).

#5 Updated by danij about 15 years ago

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Yes that would be a much better sollution (assign more
particles to objects nearby). Depending on how steep
the "ramp" is, a variable spawn rate might not be that much
of a problem.

I think this would naturally be the best sollution for particle
generators anyway, eg if they are within a certain distance
run as normal but the closer they get to the max draw
distance you could start reducing the spawn rate and
increasing the alpha amount of the particles (so that they
dissapear smoothly).

#6 Updated by yagisan about 13 years ago

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bump - whats happening here ?

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