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Random monster variations

Added by jhansonxi almost 19 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

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Similar to RFE #769507 but based on a thread in the New
Doom forum which seems to have vanished.

Problem: All monsters of the same type are exact

Solution: Add random variances to monsters.

Initial restriction: Do not change the map format
(random attributes applied to existing monsters at map

Possible aspects:

1. Random skin selection or coloring decals (hair,
skin, uniform)
2. Sounds
3. Speed
4. Vision (detection) range
5. Dropped items (ammo quantity, weapon, health, armor)
6. Behavior: attack, retreat, bezerk (attack other
monster without provaction), suicide (attacks a barrel
or intentionally enters a crusher), seeks and uses
certain player items (health, armor, weapons)
7. Damage resistance (hit points, pain sector
immunity, weapon type damage resistance)
8. Offensive capability (weapon damage, rate-of-fire,
fire sequence pattern, missile spread pattern)
9. Tatical skills (leading shots, hiding)
10. Strategic skills (buttons, path mapping)

Labels: Customizability

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#1 Updated by papercut2 almost 19 years ago

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Umm... Well zombies and imps already have a few different
death, and sight sounds, not to mention the random pitch
variations, but you would have to import sounds into a wad
and play with that specific wad.

Monsters stealing health kits and soulspheres will be
extremely frustrating.

Random skin is done with the wad file, you'd have to import
a ton of monster skin variations if you want that, but maybe
a random color blending for imps would be pretty cool (some
darker than others)

Speed changes could be cool and annoying in different ways.

Zombies dont really use tactics or strategy (Watch Dawn of
the Dead or example)

#2 Updated by chrisdragon over 18 years ago

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Sounds interesting, may prove to add extra variety to the game.

#3 Updated by dark_pulse almost 16 years ago

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It sounds interesting, but it'd pretty much kill what we've
come to assoiate the Doom engine games as, and that's lots
of Dumb monsters shooting at you. You can pretty much find
the above in Unreal or Unreal II.

Still, it is a nice suggestion, and should be considered as

#4 Updated by skyjake almost 6 years ago

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This is now possible with the new 3D models, where Doomsday Script can be used for random textures, for instance. Also, animation sequences can have random variations. Closing as obsolete, though.

#5 Updated by skyjake almost 6 years ago

  • Related to Feature #1246: Support newer model formats and skeletal animation added

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