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TNT: Texture anim glitches

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I Don't know wheter this is a bug or not, as there might
be a console option to enable it normally, but I can't
jump, even though i've defined a key to key in the
controls menu, untill I start a multiplayer game with
jumping enabled.

I've also nocited a few animated textures in Final Doom
are a bit screwed.

In TNT the animated textures in BLODGR1 + 4 (two
switches and a computer bank, and the pressed versions
of the two switches also bolted onto a texture, WFALL1
+ 4.

They go garbled between it's two frames of animation in
each state (pressed and not) as does the comp console.
Could this be because the textures have the same name
as two frames of a four frame animated texture from
Doom1 and 2, and Doomsday is looking for BLODGR2 + 3
which don't exist in the TNT.wad?

Also the animated Rock texture at the start of Map02 in
Plutonia switches to FIREBLU 1 + 2 for some of it's
animation frames, Even though the rock tecture and the
FIREBLU texture both have different names in the IWAD
for some reason.

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Plz ignore the solution included with the TNT textures, it
doesn't work. Just tested it. It also only happens when Jdoom
is ran with hi-res textures.

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