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Net: Clipping / Door Issues & Instability

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No changes to test system between 1.7.10 and 1.7.11;
but in Netgames (coop), client machine (connecting to a
listen server) was having clipping problems, getting
stuck on lifts, doors, etc.

Also, on 2 occasions, client would see door remain
closed regardless of door state from the server. He
would see me "walk through a closed door."

Reloading a saved game, and going back to area fixed
the issue. Likely due to a dropped packet.

Prediction seems to still be a bit goofy.

I did have 3 crashes to desktop with no doomsday.out
being generated. This occured when:

Immediately after opening some door.
Immediately beginning to shoot PG after opening a door.
Immediately after loading a saved game.

After a complete restart of the engine, no crashes would
occur after performing the same actions.

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#1 Updated by skyjake almost 19 years ago

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Do the clipping/getting-stuck problems happen consistently?
Is there a certain map where it happens always? (If so,
where in the map?)

Double-check your installation. Does the "version" command
show 1.7.11 for all clients and the dedicated server? The
server is especially important.

Are the sure you're using the exact same WADs?

What exactly is "goofy" prediction? Could you name an
example of something that acts strangely on clientside?

#2 Updated by tolwyn almost 19 years ago

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The clipping problems aren't consistent; I believe (my guess)
it has to do with prediction and packets, or collision and
packet transfer.

It occured on a lift in MM map 16, going to the blue armor
about 70% through the map. The server could not "lower" the
lift as the player was "stuck" in the ceiling of the sector on
the other side of the lift sector. Since noclipping is not yet
enabled for netgames (see my other post on allowing cheating
in netgames for this very reason), I had to exit the map to

The door issue also occured on MM; however, this is the
PWAD that we've been playing through. Both PWADs are

I thought of versions, too, as we both did an "upgrade" to the
1.7.10 (which is why I asked how the installer handles
upgrades vs. full installation). We both had the same version
number as reported by the "version" console command.

It's not a dedicated server. It's a listen server. Listen server,
if you remember from Quake/Quake2 is a client that is the

The prediction stuff is I'll see him walk more forward than he
really is, on death/respawn, he'll stand up at his corpse and a
moment later he's back at the respawn area, he'll bounce
through doors and come back.

It's just movement prediction. Seems more pronounced with
1.7.11, but it could be my imagination.

#3 Updated by tolwyn almost 19 years ago

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I meant to say we both upgraded to 1.7.11, not 1.7.10 as
indicated above. Typo.

#4 Updated by skyjake almost 19 years ago

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These issues will be (at least partially) addressed in 1.7.
13. I'm closing this bug report for now.

Once 1.7.13 is released, let's discuss the remaining
problems on the deng-netbug mailing list.

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