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HQ SFX w/o 3D Sounds and vice versa

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I have the following specs: Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium, 12 GB 1333MHz RAM, ATI Radeon HD 6870 Graphics card(latest drivers), X-Fi Titanium Sound Card(latest drivers). Basically, If I run Doomsday using FMOD Ex, I will have the 3d sounds(the reverb effect in certain parts of a level usually accompanies this, it's normal) but it will not run the HQ SFX. Same thing happens if I use the SDL mixer except it is the other way around(HQ SFX w/o 3D Sounds), I don't use OpenAL or DirectSound because OpenAL Has A lot of bugs in it but I don't know about DS because I haven't seen that API work since before the release of 1.9.7. If I run with OpenAL, A lot of sound effects are either missing or in the wrong place(ex: shooting a pistol sounds like alerting an Imp, going up and down in the menu sounds like you are selecting something,etc,etc) and there is no music playback(and I mean NO playback). I usually run with the JDRP 1.01, Hi-res textures and HQ SFX at using 1920x1080@60Hz on my 42" LCD flatscreen via HDMI

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The Direct Sound plugin works fine in 1.9.8 however, like the OpenAL plugin, it does not implement the music or cd-audio interfaces so you won't get any music.

One solution is to use the -imusic and -icd command line options to instruct Doomsday to use another plugin. For example:

-dsound -imusic fmod -icd fmod

This will utilize Direct Sound for sound effects and FMOD Ex for music and cd-audio.

There is a known issue with sound buffers being mixed up when using the OpenAL plugin. I plan to address this for the 1.9.9 release.

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All issues reported here have since or are fixed for the imminent Doomsday 1.11 release.

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