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Hexen 1.1 Demo crash

Added by martyfender about 10 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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Hexen 1.1 Demo crash with segmentation violation, lump errors in build 500 Stable.. I went back to the earliest version I have, 474 and it works fine.

Registered version crashes in both builds, though. This could possibly be due to a bad wad file in the case of the registered version. I no longer have the CD to install a new wad to find out. That wad works fine in the latest SVN of GZDOOM.

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#1 Updated by martyfender about 10 years ago

Doomworld is where I downloaded the demo yesterday only because the registered version was crashing. When I launch the full version in GZdoom, it says 1.1. any other clues as to what could cause this? A corrupted wad file in the full version? Where can I purchase a fresh copy, as my original CD was lost and what I have has been stored on my hard drive for many years. I see many lump errors in the doomsday.out

#2 Updated by skyjake about 10 years ago

- labels: jHexen --> Hexen
- milestone: v1.8.6 --> v1.9.8

#3 Updated by skyjake almost 10 years ago

- labels: Hexen --> Hexen, Hexen Demo
- status: pending --> wont-fix
- assigned_to: Jaakko Keränen

#4 Updated by skyjake almost 10 years ago

Closing as 'wont-fix' as it seems the crash is likely not particular to the Hexen Demo (or maybe has been fixed by now). We can reopen this later if further findings of misbehavior are presented.

#5 Updated by vermil almost 9 years ago

The two releases of the HeXen demo from here work fine in 1.9.8 (500).

Is your demo wad not one of these two versions?

V1.1 of the registered version of HeXen seems to work fine in 1.9.8 (500). V1.0 of the registered version however doesn't (Dday has never officially supported 1.0).

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